05th - 07th July 2023

Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi

Press Conference

India launched the National Green Hydrogen Mission on 4th January 2023. The Mission aims to establish a Green Hydrogen ecosystem in India. This will require synergising demand and supply, creation of enabling policy and regulatory frameworks for innovative and affordable solutions. Green Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels and fossil-based feedstocks in several hard-to-abate sectors like Refineries, Fertilisers, Steel and Chemicals and also in sectors like Aviation and Shipping....

Government of India is organizing an International Conference on Green Hydrogen (ICGH-2023) on 5-7 July 2023 at New Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan to discuss the recent advances and upcoming technologies across the entire Green Hydrogen value chain. The forum will provide an opportunity to discuss the evolving Green Hydrogen landscape and network with global scientific community and industry. The 3-day mega event will feature plenary talks, expert panel discussions and technical deliberations around establishing Green Hydrogen ecosystem and catalyzing a systemic approach for meeting the global goals for decarbonization through Green Hydrogen. Apart from domain-specific interaction on hydrogen production, storage, distribution and downstream applications, the conference will also be discussing green financing, human resource upskilling and startup initiatives in this area.

India's "National Green Hydrogen Mission" has placed significant emphasis on Research and Development (R&D) in the field of green hydrogen. R&D plays a crucial role in advancing the production, storage, and utilization of green hydrogen, which is derived from renewable energy sources. The mission aims to promote innovation and technology development to establish a robust green hydrogen ecosystem in the country. Through focused R&D efforts, India aims to overcome technological challenges, enhance efficiency, and reduce the cost of green hydrogen production. The mission encourages collaboration between research institutions, industry stakeholders, and academia to accelerate the development of indigenous technologies and solutions. R&D in green hydrogen not only fosters sustainable energy solutions but also opens up opportunities for job creation and economic growth in India's clean energy sector. By prioritizing R&D, India is poised to become a global leader in green hydrogen technology, paving the way for a cleaner and greener future.

Key Speakers

Key Highlights

Demonstration showcasing technical and
business acumen in Green Hydrogen

Positioning India the Global Hub for Production &
Export of Green Hydrogen and its derivatives

25 Sessions with Technical & Industry
Experts from India and Overseas

1500+ Overseas & Indian Delegates expected


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